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My name is Francesca Negro and I work as language teacher since 2005, with a broad experience developed between Italy, France and Portugal and also working with American universities in specialized intensive course.
I have a M.A. in Italian Literature a Ph.D in Comparative Literature and a Masters degree in Performance Studies. I also own a Masters Degree in Teaching Italian as second language (University of Genoa). I have taught at BA and MA levels both in Italy and Portugal, and provided pastoral and academic tuition and research supervision to BA and MA students. In the last few years I have been working at the University of Lisbon as Visiting Lecturer of Inter-art Comparative Studies and Intercultural communication, while also teaching Italian Language and Culture.
I have been trained as teacher of Italian as second language, but I also have been trained to conceive effective methodologies for language acquisition and producing teaching materials.
I am interest in conceiving strategies to use creative processes and artistic tools in order to stimulate language acquisition as interactive and cultural process.

One of my most significant contributions during my research activity at the Centre for Comparative Studies, at Lisbon University, has been a seminar on Artistic education: based on inter-arts studies principles and on the importance of developing artistic thinking and communicative strategies through teaching activities. The latter, in particular, is a topic that I have been studying thanks to the important collaboration that the Centre had developed with Harvard School of Education. This experience has been relevant for the creation of my own perspective on the teaching activity and for my own interest in cognitive processes of learning.

I am currently collaborating with the Centre of Languages of the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon University and to the language department of the European University of Lisbon and with the School Study in Italy, which offers intensive Italian courses in Genova and in Siena.

I am a dynamic teacher and I always obtained very good results giving students all my attention and trying to be creative and stimulating in order to awake their interest and teach them how to be motivated, organized and autonomous in their own studies and researches.
My team of teachers are equally prepared and follow the same pedagogy: based on a communicative approach but without neglecting the explanation of grammar structures and rules.

My translators' team is composed by brilliant professionals, which are trained to produce texts of different typologies and that are used to work with very exigent clients and in short timing.

Our training programs are dedicated to both new language teachers and schools' directors which are interested in improving their methodologies of communication and internal trainings.

We provide a lot of other services including tutoring and motivational trainings in enterprises with surprising results, contact us to know more!

Languages are our passion and we always give our best to satisfy clients and produce beautiful products.